Priority Actions

Accelerate Culture has identified a focused set of priority actions directly linked to specific goals and recommendations from the Chicago Cultural Plan. These priority actions are grouped in four overarching categories: People, Places, Policies, and Planning Culturally, and include:

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    • Positioning Chicago’s artists and creative professionals as central to the city’s workforce development efforts with additional fellowships, mentoring opportunities, incubator spaces, and residency programs within the cultural sector and larger community
    • Ensuring each CPS school has an appropriate number of certified arts instructors, a minimum of two hours per week of arts instruction, and at least one cultural partner that engages teaching artists
    • Increasing the accessibility and number of programs for adults to participate in the arts both formally and informally

    • Creating efficiency in City zoning, permitting, and licensing rules for creative initiatives
    • Designing arts-specific briefing tools and training sessions to help artists and creative entrepreneurs navigate City approval processes
    • Increasing public and private investment in culture and the arts by the private sector, public sector, and individuals

    • Supporting neighborhood cultural councils in every region and encourage local community development organizations to facilitate cultural programming and infrastructure

    • Designating cultural liaisons in city departments and sister agencies who can connect and refer queries and opportunities
    • Integrating the priorities of the Cultural Plan into the work of City departments and agencies, measured by collaborations and the allocation of resources
    • Increasing cultural sector representatives serving on advisory boards and commissions across key departments and agencies