Partner Testimonials

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“Arts, culture and creativity are part of what makes the metropolitan Chicago region such a distinctive place. It is critically important that we preserve and strengthen our cultural assets and ensure every person in this city can benefit from our cultural riches, but this vision will not be achieved without the proper policies and reforms in place. The Metropolitan Planning Council supports Accelerate Chicago and its vision of an even stronger, more vibrant and accessible cultural sector in Chicago.”

MarySue Barrett, president, Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC)

“Accelerate Chicago will push Chicago’s cultural sector even further into the forefront of our City’s life. Our goal is to make certain that Chicago is the most appealing place in the nation for artists and professionals to establish and build careers. This is a city that is alive with culture and our job is to guarantee that this in known throughout the world.  Please join me in supporting Accelerate Chicago.”

Roche Schulfer, executive director, Goodman Theatre

“One of SAIC’s’ Core Values is ‘meaning and making are inseparable.’ Accelerate Culture is exciting because it shares in that vision and will promote it at a citywide level. It will inspire people throughout Chicago, whether elementary school students or adults, to create and engage with artwork of all kinds and perhaps even to devote their lives to it, impacting us all. Chicago is filled with talent—please join me in supporting the continued growth and development of our creative community.”

Dr. Walter E. Massey, president, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

“From our world class architecture to our vibrant festivals, theatre, music, and museums, culture and the arts are significant drivers of tourism in Chicago. Much of our economic movement is derived from that sector, and we can’t afford to let it fall by the wayside. Please join me in supporting Accelerate Culture and advancing our city’s reputation as a cultural and artistic center for the world.”

Jeff Malehorn, President & CEO, World Business Chicago

“Significant progress has been made during the last two years to implement the Cultural Plan. I applaud the work of Accelerate Culture for doing its part to make the Cultural Plan a lasting priority.”

Commissioner Michelle T. Boone, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

“LISC is thrilled to be involved in this important initiative. Culture and the arts are the sights, sounds, and smells we all cherish as residents of the city and our neighborhoods. The best investments are those that improve daily life.”

Keri Blackwell, deputy director, LISC Chicago