Accelerate Culture

The Accelerate Culture initiative was launched in November 2014 to advocate for, promote, and monitor the implementation of the Chicago Cultural Plan’s top line priorities.

Accelerate Culture, through coalition building, policy advocacy and community engagement, is working to advance the top line priorities of the Chicago Cultural Plan and to track and measure the Plan’s long-term impact on the city of Chicago.

Accelerate Culture is led by Arts Alliance Illinois and guided by a 30-member committee representing a broad cross-section of Chicago’s cultural leadership.

In the News

Partner Testimonials

“The Metropolitan Planning Council supports Accelerate Chicago and its vision of an even stronger, more vibrant and accessible cultural sector in Chicago.”

- MarySue Barrett, president, Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC)

“Accelerate Chicago will push Chicago’s cultural sector even further into the forefront of our City’s life. Our goal is to make certain that Chicago is the most appealing place in the nation for artists and professionals to establish and build careers.”

- Roche Schulfer, executive director, Goodman Theatre

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